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   Client Testimonials

RTM - Conference Speaking Favorites:

"Judy Randall was our highest rated speaker at our 2004 Association of Mayors, Council members and Commissioners Institute.   Her no nonsense style and knowledge was just what our delegates wanted to hear.”
-- Texas Municipal League

"Once again, Judy Randall was our highest rated speaker at our 2004 BankTravel Conference.  She has appeared for us twice and has earned that honor both times.  Judy's straightforward style and keen insights always move her to the top of the chart with our delegates." 
-- Mac Lacy, Partner, BankTravel 

Judy is an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable about tourism and the travel industry.  Her presentations were exactly what we were looking for -- informative, to the point and customized to our audience.  Judy is also upbeat and easy to work with.   
-- South Dakota Office of Tourism, January 2004

"Without a doubt, Judy Randall greatly exceeded our expectations. The information from Judy's presentations provided practical, real-world material that our members could take back with them and use immediately in their business. NTA members gave Judy such comments as "One of the best seminars I have ever attended" and "On a scale of 10, Judy Randall is always a 15!" I would certainly recommend Judy to anyone in search of a knowledgeable professional speaker."  
-- Jason Jones, National Tour Association

“Without question, the favorite seminar of banker delegates was one on creating effective publications, led by Judy Randall. “ 
-- Mac Lacy, BankTravel

“Holy Smoke!  You had us breathless and filled with giggles with your presentation.”
-- Peter Bowden, Columbus CVB

“Judy and Berkeley are dynamic and full of energy.  You always, always make me think I can go back and change the world!” 
-- Brandy Evans, Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau

“Bravo.  Bravo.  Bravo.  A great performance with substance, quality, enlightenment, & superb presentation. 
-- Georgia B&B Association                          

“Judy is one of the best speakers & most educated that I have ever heard.”
-- IACVB Mid-winter Conference

“Bravo to Judy – what an exceptionally captivating speaker.” 
-- IACVB Mid-Winter Conference

“What can I say?  You are great and everybody loves you!”
-- Danny Young, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association                         

“By far the most informative, interesting, and entertaining seminar on tourism marketing that I’ve ever attended.  I would attend her seminars over and over again!” 
-- Stacy Atkins, Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana

“Judy Randall is one of those rare speakers that leave you wanting more.  At the LTPA Summit in Alexandria we were all disappointed when her session ended and asked her to return.  She’s coming back, so don’t miss it!” 
-- Ginger Watson, Lagniappe Tours

“The common sense tactics outlined by Judy’s presentation offer a new perspective on marketing tools.  The ideas and critiques help make your literature and marketing campaigns more visitor-friendly, eye-catching and memorable.  We often refer to the notes and examples from Judy’s presentation to use as rules when developing new literature.  The seminar is both motivating and informative giving students a hands-on approach to marketing.” 
-- Amy McKinney, Shreveport-Bossier CTB

“This was the best presentation on travel and tourism marketing I have ever seen!”
-- Ken Jones, Mayor, City of Rockwall, Texas conference for Association of Mayors, Councilpersons and Commissioners

"Judy Randall was our keynote speaker for the 2001 AZA Eastern Workshop in Chattanooga.  The theme was "Meeting 21st Century Expectations", and the audience was very diverse.  All areas of operating a zoo or aquarium were represented: educators, animal husbandry, marketing, retail and executive directors.  Judy shared what customers really want, what's absolutely expected and how to add the "WOW" level.  As usual, her style was humorous and entertaining, but the information was research based and very applicable, no matter what role you play in the organization.  Our conference was highly attended and garnered high praise, thanks to Judy for getting us off to a great start."
-- Cindy Todd, Tennessee Aquarium

“On behalf of the 2002 North Dakota Tourism Conference committee, I want to Thank You again for the great job you and Berkeley did for us.  We had many people tell us that the sessions you led were outstanding and very informative.  You intertwined knowledge and wit to get your points across.  The following are a few of the comments that we received on your behalf - "Randall & Young were great!  They had great ideas, were very uplifting and knowledgeable, and I learned more at this conference than in past years.","Instructional, Informative and Fun" 
-- Cole Carley, Executive Director, Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau
-- Bryan Shultz, Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Thank you for making the 2002 Upper Mid-West CVB Conference an unqualified winner!  The comments we’ve gotten have simply gushed about how much fun and learning you packed into your presentations.
-- Bill Geist, Upper Mid-West CVB Association

“Mission accomplished!  The Minnesota Governor’s Conference on Tourism was a big success.  By all accounts, the information presented at your session was tremendously useful.  As a matter of fact, “Branding and Re-Positioning Your Travel Product” was one of the highest ranking workshops.”
-- Jan Sawinski, Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development

What Clients Say About Our Research Projects:  (top of page)

“Central Florida's Tourism and Sports Marketing has adopted and implemented RTM's recommended strategies and tactics into a marketing process that we have coined "Randallization". Essentially we have re-structured our organization, re-designed our current marketing and sales strategies and have commenced long term strategic planning and budgeting. Virtually every aspect of our operation has been Randallized.

The overwhelming community, client and various stakeholder responses have been favorable. Moreover the implementation has improved our effeciency and effectiveness. Specifically we have saved more than $100,000 in collateral and $40,000 in staff expenses within the first two months! Needless to say we intend on continuing our relationship with Judy Randall and her very talented team of professionals.”
- - Mark Jackson, Polk County Director of Tourism and Sports Marketing

 "There’s no dust on our study. The Randall Report for South Padre Island became marching orders for our community to take a close look at ourselves and move forward. If you want to know how your stats are doing, call an accountant. If you want to know hw your town is doing, call Randall Travel Marketing. The report is not a collection of numbers and opinions. It is a call to action.”
- - Dan Quandt, South Padre Island CVB

"Working with Randall Travel Marketing is the best thing we've done for our destination! The research, methodology, interaction with our community and tourism industry leaders has been awesome. The industry wants more, our leaders respect the findings, and the credibility level of our programming based upon the voice of the customer is making us more productive."
- - Cheryl Kilday, President & CEO, Loudoun Convention & Visitors Association

"I’ve worked with RTM twice, both times in Midwestern cities. Each time I contracted with them to analyze the existing tourism program and make recommendations to improve our performance. In both cases, the results were astoundingly successful and generated immediate change and improvement in the tourism development programs."
- - Jim Fram, CED, President, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

"The RTM research study is the best marketing investment we’ve ever made! Because of the great team at RTM, we know exactly who our market is and the best way to reach them. The report helped us know exactly how to position and promote our destination. Our elected officials were so impressed they increased our marketing budget to 100% of the Hotel/Motel Tax collections!”
- - Joe Valentino, Oak Ridge CVB

"Everyone at Randall Travel Marketing, Inc. is knowledgeable, responsive, and truly fun to work with!  However, the most compelling reason to contract with this company over another is their follow through on helping you implement their suggestions. Your success is their success.”
- - Bridgette Berry, Ithaca/Tompkins County CVB

"In 1998 Randall travel marketing, Inc. was hired to do a comprehensive strategic tourism marketing study for the Macon-Bibb County CVB. This study included 15 individual study segments which quantifiably captured the voice of our customer. Based on this research RTM submitted a tactical plan that included a new positioning statement and 'branding' for Macon, GA.; suggestions for effective collateral; target marketing strategies; and solid programs with measurable results. Macon is now the 'Song and Soul of the South'; Little Richard is Macon’s Goodwill Ambassador (garnering $1,000,000 plus in free media coverage); and our first conversion study after the campaign was launched indicated a growth from 22% to 49.8% in actual visitors to Macon and a satisfaction rate growth from 4.2% to 4.4%. Our web site 'rocks' and our daily tour went up 105%! Using RTM and implementing their plan was the smartest move Macon has ever made! There are too few consultants out there that really understand the hospitality industry. RTM clearly does. The 'Song and Soul of the South' campaign is evidence to prove it!"
- - Janice Marshall, Macon-Bibb County CVB.

"To say that the staff at RTM is thorough, knowledgeable, professional, insistent upon quality, cares about the customer and is just plain fun, is an understatement. We continue to benefit from their expertise in a combination of fields, and their insight into the complex travel industry."
- - Marcy Jarrett, Norman CVB

"Randall Travel Marketing, Inc. has proven to be one of the premiere Tourism and Travel Consulting companies I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Their professionalism is of the highest standard and they are truly partners of the Bureau and not just a contract. The team consists of some of the finest minds and practitioners in our industry, which guarantees the most comprehensive, accurate and detailed finished result. Not only did they provide accurate data and research, but they went beyond the expected by delivering suggested initiatives for us to capitalize on the findings and recommendations to the ultimate benefit of our industry and our Bureau.  Their work has been received by our industry partners and our many stakeholders with wonderful accolades and appreciation.  With Randall Travel Marketing, Inc. as a partner success is assured.” 
- - Barry H. Biggar, Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau

"Judy Randall and her team wowed Mississippi with her unbelievably, intricate, organized and intuitive look at the marketability of blues music in the Mississippi Delta. Her team's knowledge of the Delta certainly surpassed mine and this in-depth study gave us concrete and realistic steps that would increase visitation to this region of Mississippi. We were able to take her study and put it into effect. It was certainly a successful partnership and I would use her company again in a second." 
- - Darienne Wilson, Mississippi Division of Tourism Development

RTM 50 States Travel Guide Study Feedback:  (top of page)

"After reviewing Randall Travel Marketing’s analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our Louisiana Travel Guide we made some changes that we feel have improved the overall look and user friendliness of the book.” 
- - Danny Young, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

"RTM's analysis of our travel guide was exactly what we needed to begin the process of redesigning the book to meet our customers' needs. The focus groups they conducted for us in several target markets allowed us to hear firsthand what our customers had to say. With RTM's help, we've been able to make a giant leap forward in the quality and usefulness of our book.”
- - Kevin Langston, Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism.